All furniture and accessories shown here were created as a part of course “10 Day Material Based Approach” (Open Elective)

Soul: Table that offers peace and sensorial gratification as it sits in your living room quietly yet fills the room with its presence. As the name of the furniture suggests, we wanted to make a coffee table which was unconventional, sophisticated, minimal, classy, elegant and fluid. While designing aesthetics and feasibility were two conflicting aspects which were constant companion throughout design process. Material which offered such molding capacity yet one which can bear the weight of the glass was deciding factor. Mild steel satisfied both the parameters. The glass owes it shape to the stability of the structure. From conception to the implementation design underwent iterations of changes to become stable and beautiful handcrafted piece that it is.

Black table: A low height coffee table for a typical Indian seating. This table provides space for keeping magazines and newspaper. This table was designed with the material left after “Soul”. While designing this table apart from material other consideration was that it should be minimal and unconventional in its language. The materials used were mild steel and glass.

Book rack: sleek and minimal in language the book rack was made with an idea to stack books. Attempt was to make it with a single rod bent at certain angle without any cutting or welding to obtain a fluid and seamless design. But with some practical constrains the design was modified keeping in line with the innate idea. The book rack provides retreat from the bulky furniture occupying very less space. The use of acrylic and mild steel as material was a decision to keep the language of furniture fluid, minimal and light (function and feel).

Heart shape box: A small delightful packaging for engagement ring. The box was first made in thermocol for the proof of concept and then in mdf. Sheets of mdf were cut, stacked and pasted so no external machining was required.