Shabda Veer is an interactive and playful application for teaching Gujarati language. It teaches basics of language and correct way of writing and pronouncing alphabets, numbers, bara-akshari and finally words in an engaging manner with the help of touch gestures and sound offered by your Nokia phone. It can be used for learning as well as practicing resource and is sure to boost your vocabulary and confidence. There are two immersive and interactive touch-gesture based games. You can play single player game or multiplayer with friends by Bluetooth. You will be able to share the joy of learning and scores with family and friends online! All in all with Shabda Veer it is fun to learn.


Approach Paper for heritage based redevelopment of Tajganj Agra: Ethnography Research

This project was a design consultancy of NID for client Directorate of Tourism U.P. Government. Ethnographic research was conducted on field around Taj Mahal in team for duration of 14 days to understand the social and cultural dynamics in Tajganj.

Multitouch Table

Multitouch table was a team work of batch 2010 of New Media Design Students
Learnings: Team work,furniture design,Interface and interaction design
Furniture Design: Construction , Materials, Joineries, Movement of elements, Stability, Ergonomics, Placement
Interface and interaction design: Multi-modal interaction, Occlusion aware interfaces, Programming, Visual Composition
My Role: Setting up, code for multitouch table,  Calibration, Programming Multitouch Sound