Augmenting Architectural Spaces
project name

Augmenting Architectural Spaces

Every space is associated with certain interactions.

  • Client:

    Design Project at NID

  • Our Role:

    Interaction Designer, Developer

Every space is associated with certain interactions. The project explores artifacts and interface for interactions of such space. The integration of computation and media into physical objects and spaces results in an augmentation: contextualized, intelligent digital content manifest in the environment, thus enabling real objects and places to communicate with people, creating experiences that retain the best of both domains.

The interface is seen only as a simulacrum of reality, integrated into surrounding reality. Thus interface for such space and experience was designed bearing in mind that interface has to be clean, minimal, and support people attention and curiosity. Persons experiencing naturally interactive artifacts are not necessarily active or willing users, they can just be passing by and enjoy passively the encounter, the interface includes a basic reactive behavior for this situation.


Process of Designing and Progress is shown in video below