Composition and Processing
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Composition and Processing

Rotoreliefs: Rotoreliefs were originally cardboard discs with



Rotoreliefs were originally cardboard discs with spiral patterns printed on them, made to be watched whirling on record players. They produce an illusion of volume, depth and motion created by moving 2-D image. Duchamp got that idea after producing Anemic Cinema, an optical-illusion film, in 1925.In Class of Composition Processing and History of Arts (CPHOA) we studied various artists. Marcel Duchamp was one of them. The whirling disc of Duchamp called “Rotoreliefs” almost produced hypnotic effect. Taking inspiration from these discs we had to come up with our own patterns of disc.The following are single image which when rotated/ Whirled produce illusion of volume, depth and motion.

Please click on image first and  then use slider to increase or decrease speed.
It may take few moments to load.

Spiral Green:

Exploring ellipse, colours, rotation and opacity I came up with composition bellow. Made in Processing.

Peacock Feather Pattern:

Exploring equations for spirals, colours, rotation and line I came up with this composition in Processing.

Dynamic Duchamp:

Phyllotactic patterns were studied in conjunction to duchamp discs. After indepth discusiion on visual elements and illusions we made our own compositions.The composition is close to the Phyllotactic pattern made in processing.

You need to allow Java Plugin to run if your web browser asks for. Once click on the block that contains the composition and press key form “0” to “9” to see the variation in speed.