Experimental Animation
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Experimental Animation

Out of box thinking: Experimental Animation, Sound


Out of box thinking: Experimental Animation, Sound Design

From the day we are born we explore and learn various kinds of knowledge; we use them and create ideas. Out of all such ideas there are some ideas which are truly innovative and revolutionize the world. Such ideas are the ones which are the result of out of box thinking, which comes sometimes unexpected or has serendipity involved. They are spontaneous and have eureka moment.

This abstract experimental animation illustrates “Out of box thinking”. The tools used for this animation are paper cut-outs and flash. Sound design and foley was done which included recreating various sounds, recording, editing, mixing and composing.


NID Logo

I like the logo of NID. I always imagine its eliments in lot of ways. I tried to put some into animation.
The animations below are made with the lunch box.