10 Dec 2014


PROJECTS Interactive Floor at Digicorp Event: Interactive

10 Dec 2014


Interactive Floor at Digicorp Event: Interactive Installation, Experience Design

An interactive installation letting users to play with the keywords of Digicorp. The installation connected and educated the brand digicorp’s values with its audience in a novel fun manner.

Interactive Wall at Digicorp Event: Interactive Installation, Experience Design

The Passage to the hall was adorned with a playful interactive installation. Greeting and making the guest feel special with its Mascot and abstract animation as they enter the Hall.

Diploma Project A: Shri Hanuman Chalisa Interactive App for iOS and Android

It is a remediation of an animation short film into playful, educational, spiritual and interactive app. Design responsibility included UX, UI and interaction design. Sponsor: Charuvi Design Labs, New Delhi

Diploma Project B: Holographic Projection installations

Two large scale Holographic Projection Installtions were designed and implemented for the promotion and exhibition of the animation shortfilm Shri hanuman Chalisa. Sponsor: Charuvi Design Labs, New Delhi

Drawing tools – Content creation, Adobe: Interaction Design, UI Design, UX Design, Research

Designed natural and engaging drawing experience for tablet utilizing its capabilities like form factor, multi-touch, gesture recognition.

Shabda Veer: Mobile Application, Research, Game Design

The business plan of this application was developed with IIM Ahmedabad as an academic project. A comprehensive research on teaching Gujarati was conducted and on the basis of research “ShabdaVeer” an interactive and playful application for teaching Gujarati language was made.

Parakh: Mobile Application, Interaction Design, UI Design

This application is aimed at informing consumer about various side effects and avoiding various drugs, food and alcohol combinations. It also provides user reviews and cost of various brands of the medicine.

Approach Paper for heritage based redevelopment of Tajganj Agra: Ethnography, Research

This project was a design consultancy of NID for client Directorate of Tourism U.P. Government. Ethnographic research was conducted on field around Taj Mahal in team for duration of 14 days to understand the social and cultural dynamics in Tajganj.

Out of box thinking: Experimental Animation, Sound Design

This abstract experimental animation illustrates “Out of box thinking”. The tools used for this animation are paper cut-outs and flash. Sound design and foley was done which included recreating various sounds, recording, editing, mixing and composing.

Wither: Remediation

This is a short film which is remediation of the song “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong.

Furniture and Lifestyle Accessories Design

As a part of open elective course ‘10 Day Material Based Approach’ material exploration was done. Aesthetic and innovative furniture and accessories were designed and implemented.

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